Antigua and Barbuda Cruising Conditions

Uncover the cruising conditions you can expect on the water and find out the best times to visit.

Antigua and Barbuda is a single country, located in the southern Leeward Islands near Montserrat and Guadeloupe (potential offshore destinations for a longer yacht charter trip).

This destination has something for every type of crew. Gorgeous beaches (they attest to having 365 of them), offshore fishing, plenty of bars and restaurants, British naval history, reef snorkeling, and some adventure at offshore Barbuda.

Resources for an Antigua yacht charter

Doyle’s Cruising Guide to the Southern Leeward Islands is likely all you need to plan your trip to Antigua yacht charter.

The guide is updated every couple years and contains key country info, navigational sketches, and important insights for what to do, where. Historical insights, pictures, and personal experiences in these destinations make the Doyle guides so valuable to charterers and cruisers.

When to visit Antigua and Barbuda for a yacht charter

As with my other recommendations for the Caribbean, I enjoy visiting in April to May due to lower prices, settled weather, and longer days. The Christmas winds should be over and it’s usually too early for disruptive tropical disturbances.

You can read my post about when to visit BVI, most of which applies here.

Make sure you are aware of when the Antigua Sailing Week regatta occurs, one of the most popular sailing events in the Caribbean. It usually happens between April and May. It can be a fun time to visit, but with it, crowds!

Antigua and Barbuda charter planning?

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