Antigua and Barbuda Sailing Itinerary

Chart your course with confidence and explore our handcrafted Antigua and Barbuda sailing itinerary.

Here’s my plan for our upcoming, 7 night, 8 day Antigua yacht charter. Why does this route work?

I use the north/south offshore passage to and from Barbuda to traverse the easterly trades and get us east. As we head west, clockwise around southern Antigua, you should have downwind passages, under normal cruising conditions.
Jolly Harbour where you are likely to start your charter

Day 1: Arrive and sleepaboard at Jolly Harbour

Arrival and overnight stay aboard at Jolly Harbour. While most yachts are moored here, your starting point might vary. Near Jolly Harbour, Epicurean Fine Foods is recommended for provisioning, offering convenience for your first night.
The high-end resort of Jumby Bay

Day 2: Cruise the north shore to ritzy Long Island

After your briefing, head north around Antigua to the luxurious Long Island. Here, you'll find a peaceful anchorage on the west side, setting the stage for your next day's journey to Barbuda. Dinner aboard is planned as you enjoy Antigua's sunset.
You go to Barbuda for the beaches and solitude

Day 3: Discovering Barbuda's Secrets:

The voyage to Barbuda uncovers some of the Caribbean's most stunning beaches. Adjust your sailing to weather conditions for a smooth passage. Explore the island's western coast and consider a guided tour to the Codrington Lagoon National Park's frigate bird sanctuary.
Frigate bird sanctuary at the Codrington Lagoon National Park

So what to do?
  • Consider dropping the hook near one of the reefs visible on charts, to the west of the beach, for some snorkeling
  • Simply enjoy strolling and swimming at the picture perfect, idllyic beach
  • Get in touch with one of the island guides listed at Barbudaful and arrange for a tour of the Codrington Lagoon National Park frigate bird sanctuary (you must do this with a local)

Day 4: More Time on Barbuda's Beaches:

Spend another day at Cocoa Point, maybe exploring Codrington or the Darby Cave Sinkhole. The day ends with a beach BBQ dinner, blending local flavors and scenic views.

Day 5: Back to Antigua's Charm:

Return to Antigua for a day of relaxation at Green Island, offering serene beaches and activities like windsurfing behind the reef.
We had a great sunset for the party at Shirley Heights

Day 6: Historic Nelson’s Dockyard and Shirley Heights

 Explore the World Heritage site of Nelson’s Dockyard and its surroundings. Mooring options include English Harbour or Falmouth Harbour, with an evening hike to Shirley Heights for breathtaking views.
Nelson's Dockyard with yachts moored stern to

Day 7: Carlisle Bay Relaxation

Head towards Carlisle Bay, a prime spot for snorkeling, swimming, and dining at the upscale resort or other nearby eateries.
Fort Barrington at Deep Bay

Day 8: Final Day at Deep Bay

Your last stop is Deep Bay, known for its snorkeling opportunities at the Andes wreck and panoramic views from Fort Barrington.

The next morning, give yourself enough time to sail or motor the short trip back to Jolly Harbour to refuel and complete checkout with the charter company and finish off your Antigua yacht charter.

Antigua and Barbuda charter planning?

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