Conch Island, Anegada in BVI, a unique landmark that you can discover with a local tour guide.

Conch Island, Anegada, British Virgin Islands

Conch Island, Anegada in BVI, a unique landmark that you can discover with a local tour guide.

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Unlike the more frequented spots in the BVI, Conch Island offers a unique experience centered around its vast collections of conch shells, creating a landscape that is both surreal and captivating.

It is the island's unique blend of natural history, conservation efforts, and the opportunity to witness the lifecycle of the conch—a key symbol of Caribbean marine life—that makes it a must-visit location.

The tradition says that for hundreds of years, locals have placed the conch shells here. They did so because they believed that other conch would be scared away by the site of a harvested conch.

Where is Conch Island, Anegada in the BVI?

Conch Island is not an island in the traditional sense but a significant accumulation of conch shells off the coast of Anegada, the northernmost island of the British Virgin Islands. Formed over generations by fishermen discarding conch shells into the sea, this spot has turned into a fascinating, evolving landscape that tells a story of the Caribbean's natural and human history.

Located just a short boat ride from the shores of Anegada, Conch Island is accessible by dinghy or kayak for those anchoring near Anegada. Discover more about sailing to Anegada.

Conch Island

What to Do at Conch Island, Anegada in the BVI

  • Snorkeling and wading: The waters around Conch Island are clear and shallow, perfect for snorkeling or wading through Conch Island
  • Photography and Exploration: Conch Island provides a unique backdrop for photography enthusiasts. The contrast of the white conch shells against the azure blue of the Caribbean Sea creates a striking scene. 
Anegada, Conch Island
Conch Island, with its unique allure and natural beauty, offers a different perspective on the Caribbean's ecological and cultural richness. It is a testament to the BVI's commitment to preserving its natural environment while providing visitors with unforgettable experiences.

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