Long Bay, Virgin Gorda in BVI: a beautiful, secluded anchorage between a reef with room for a handful of boats

Long Bay, Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands

Long Bay, Virgin Gorda in BVI: a beautiful, secluded anchorage between a reef with room for a handful of boats

Matt and Britney Weidert

Matt Weidert

I recently had the chance to anchor for the first time at Long Bay, Virgin Gorda. This might be one of my new favorite anchorages in BVI!

There's nothing fancy about Long Bay, Virgin Gorda. It is simply a stunningly beautiful place to relax, swim, and enjoy an epic sunset over the the Dogs to the west.
Our catamaran at anchor at Long Bay, Virgin Gorda

Why visit Long Bay, Virgin Gorda?

Long Bay is one of the last remaining anchorages in BVI where you can still escape the crowds. With the size of the charter fleet growing and many anchorages now full of mooring balls, this place remains special.

It's not the most straightforward anchorage given the reef that extends on either side of the white sandy bottom. But, that means there is only room for a couple of boats. On our visit there were three of us.

Given its proximity to some of the Tortola charter bases, it makes a convenient first or last-night stop. But, make sure you arrive early enough with light overhead to be able to see the approach between the reef. I don't believe the charts show it accurately.

We were backwinded here, so make sure you find the center of the anchorage with your hook and check your scope. Our catamaran swung from one side of Long Bay to the other overnight. If you put out too much scope you might find yourself closer to the reef than you'd like.
Good view of the proximity to the reef

What do do at Long Bay, Virgin Gorda?

As I mentioned, this is just a great place to relax and soak up the natural beauty of the area. Get that camera and sundowner ready for the sunset!

The snorkeling on the Long Bay reef is also excellent. Beware of sharks! I spotted a hammerhead shark when I was snorkeling on our anchor.

Nearby, you can also visit Mountain Point with your dinghy for a new area to explore by snorkel or diving. There are a couple day-use mooring balls available.

For a short walk, check out the sandy beach that is accessible on the SE corner of the anchorage.
Our neighbors in the anchorage at Long Bay Virgin Gorda
I hope you get a chance to check out Long Bay, Virgin Gorda if you are comfortable with a more advanced anchoraged. But please, don't tell too many people about it!

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