Florida Keys Overview & Highlights

Discover top highlights and embark on an unforgettable Florida Keys yacht charter sailing trip.

Exploring Fort Jefferson after the ferry tourists have left for the day, one of the perks of a Key West yacht charter

Key West is a unique yacht charter destination that many don't consider. It perhaps isn't a place to return year after year, like the Exumas or British Virgin Islands, but I thoroughly enjoyed our bareboat trip. I'd recommend adding it to your bucket list!

Why visit?

Key West, itself, is a really fun city to explore. And then you have direct access to the Dry Tortugas, about 60 nautical miles to your west. Lastly, if you prefer, you have the rest of the Florida Keys and Miami to explore, also within reach.

I think, however, the number one reason to visit is for an offshore passage to the Dry Tortugas - go see this special National Park as most other visitors are not able to. History, seclusion, and pristine natural beauty are top reasons to go.

Highlights of a Key West and Dry Tortugas yacht charter

  • Anchor in the National Park near Garden Key and explore Fort Jefferson after the other tourists have left for the day
  • Take a day trip inside the park to Loggerhead Key and snorkel the Windjammer Wreck
  • Sail to and snorkel one of the many protected areas of the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary, such as Sand Cay
  • Enjoy epic sunsets over the Marquesas Keys
  • Go shopping or perhaps enjoy a night out on bustling Duval Street in Key West
  • Catch mahi, mackerel, and tuna on the shelf or drop areas along the way to the Dry Tortugas

Florida Keys charter planning?

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