Calm mooring fields and stunning sunrises at Ensenada Dakity, Culebra, Spanish Virgin Islands.

Ensenada Dakity, Spanish Virgin Islands

Calm mooring fields and stunning sunrises at Ensenada Dakity, Culebra, Spanish Virgin Islands.

Matt and Britney Weidert

Matt Weidert

Ensenada Dakity is a hidden jewel within the Spanish Virgin Islands, a pristine and peaceful anchorage that offers sailors a unique blend of serene beauty, excellent protection, and vibrant marine life. This spot is a favored destination for those navigating the waters around Culebra, seeking a tranquil haven from the more bustling spots in the Caribbean.

Why Ensenada Dakity?

Ensenada Dakity stands out for its exceptional natural beauty and its strategic position behind a protective reef at the channel entrance to Ensenada Honda and the town of Dewey. This location ensures minimal swell and a comfortable anchorage, making it a perfect spot for sailors looking for a peaceful night or a base for local exploration. The area is not just a mooring field; it's a gateway to the stunning marine and coastal ecosystems of Culebra​​​​.

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Where is Ensenada Dakity?

Nestled within the waters of Culebra, one of the Spanish Virgin Islands, Ensenada Dakity is easily accessible by yacht from the main marina in Puerto del Rey. The anchorage is situated just inside the reef that guards the entrance to Ensenada Honda, offering a secluded and sheltered spot that is nonetheless close to the local amenities and the vibrant town of Dewey​​​​.
Ensenada Dakity as we were leaving Dewey Harbor on a recent visit

What to Do in Ensenada Dakity

  • Snorkeling and Marine Exploration: The clear waters and the nearby reef provide an excellent opportunity for snorkeling right from your yacht. The marine life here is abundant, offering a glimpse into the underwater world of the Caribbean.
  • Relaxation and Enjoyment of Natural Beauty: Ensenada Dakity is an idyllic spot for those looking to relax and enjoy the natural beauty of the Spanish Virgin Islands. The area around the anchorage offers stunning views, especially during the golden hour, making it a perfect place for an evening of relaxation with a cold beverage in hand.
  • Excursions to Nearby Attractions: While Ensenada Dakity itself is a relatively quiet area, its proximity to Dewey allows for easy access to local restaurants, shops, and other attractions. A short dinghy ride can take you into town for a bite to eat at popular spots like the Dinghy Dock, or for provisioning before heading out to explore other areas around Culebra.
  • Exploring Culebra's Natural Wonders: Ensenada Dakity serves as an excellent jumping-off point for exploring the rest of Culebra, including hikes to breathtaking beaches like Flamenco Beach, snorkeling excursions to vibrant coral reefs, and visits to the Culebra National Wildlife Refuge, which is home to diverse species of birds and marine life.
The strategic location of Ensenada Dakity, combined with its serene environment and access to spectacular natural and marine resources, makes it an indispensable stop for sailors navigating the Spanish Virgin Islands. Whether you're looking for a peaceful anchorage with excellent protection or a base for exploring the wonders of Culebra, Ensenada Dakity offers it all​.

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