The Bight at Norman Island in BVI, a natural harbor and a must-stop visit for your yacht charter vacation.

The Bight, Norman Island, British Virgin Islands

The Bight at Norman Island in BVI, a natural harbor and a must-stop visit for your yacht charter vacation.

Matt and Britney Weidert

Matt Weidert

This protected bay is a popular anchorage, known for its great protection and picturesque setting, often becoming a focal point for yacht charters. 

Where is The Bight, Norman Island?

The Bight is located on the northern shore of Norman Island, easily accessible by boat. If you want to experience the best of Norman Island without missing anything, be sure to read this post.

What to Do in The Bight, Norman Island

  • Visit Pirate's Bight Restaurant and Bar: Pirate’s Bight is a well-known establishment on the beach, offering delicious food, refreshing drinks, and a fun atmosphere.
Views from the top of The Bight overlooking the windward side of the island
  • Hike the Trails: Norman Island features several hiking trails that offer breathtaking views of the British Virgin Islands and the Caribbean Sea. These trails, accessible from various points including behind Pirate’s Bight, run along the ridge of the island, providing a great opportunity to explore the natural beauty and search for rumored pirate treasures.
Willy T’s Floating Bar
  • Party at Willy T’s Floating Bar: The William Thornton, affectionately known as Willy T, is a floating bar and restaurant moored in The Bight. Known for its lively atmosphere, good food, and fun parties, it’s a popular spot for those looking to enjoy a vibrant nightlife on the water. Jumping from the top deck into the sea is a tradition many visitors follow every time they visit.
  • Snorkeling: there are several nearby, popular BVI snorkel sites that are accessible from the Bight. These include the Indians and the Caves
The Bight, with its rich history, stunning landscapes, and a variety of activities, is an essential stop on any yacht charter in the British Virgin Islands. Whether you’re enjoying into the vibrant waters, hiking scenic trails, or at Pirate’s Bight, this destination promises a memorable experience. 

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