Norman Island in BVI, said to inspire 'Treasure Island,' offers caves and snorkeling in its waters.

Norman Island, British Virgin Islands

Norman Island in BVI, said to inspire 'Treasure Island,' offers caves and snorkeling in its waters.

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Why Norman Island?

Regarded as an unmissable stop in the British Virgin Islands (BVI) for yachtsmen and sailing aficionados, Norman Island brings the allure of pirate legends and treasure tales to life. It's not just the stories that draw visitors; the island's natural beauty and activities make it a central piece in our yacht charter voyages, often serving as either the grand beginning or the unforgettable end to our journeys through the BVI.

The island stands out for its intriguing blend of myth and natural wonder, from hidden treasures supposedly buried by pirates to the breathtaking marine life that thrives beneath its waves.
The bight Norman Island

Where is Norman Island in the BVI?

Located at the southern tip of the British Virgin Islands, Norman Island offers an excellent starting point for charters departing from Tortola or St. John. It's just about 6 nautical miles south of Tortola, making it an easily accessible first or last stop for adventurers keen to explore the BVI.

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Norman Island is famed for its well-protected bays, especially The Bight, which is renowned for its calm waters amidst most wind directions. With mooring balls available, sailors can secure a spot for a peaceful overnight stay.

For those looking for a unique anchorage, Treasure Point, Privateer Bay, and Benures Bay offer secluded spots near diving and snorkeling sites, providing a gateway to exploring Norman Island's underwater wonders.
Norman Island

What to do at Norman Island in the BVI

  • Explore the Caves at Treasure Point: These caves are not just a snorkeler's paradise but are also wrapped in tales of pirates and hidden treasures. The crystal-clear waters inside the caves teem with marine life, offering an underwater spectacle not to be missed.
  • Hike to Spy Glass Hill: Offering stunning panoramic views of the BVI, this trail once used by pirates to spot ships is now a hiker’s delight. Reach the summit for a breathtaking vista that spans across the archipelago.
  • Dine at Pirates Bight: A beachfront dining experience that combines great food with a touch of pirate history. Enjoy a meal or a tropical cocktail as you watch the sun dip below the horizon, casting vibrant hues across the sky.
  • Jump off the Willy T: A visit to Norman Island isn't complete unless you make a stop at Willy T, the famous floating pirate ship bar. Grab a drink and jump of the second story. Rinse and repeat.
  • Snorkel and Dive the Coral Gardens: Surrounding Norman Island are pristine waters that house spectacular coral gardens. Sites like the Indians and Pelican Island are hotspots for divers and snorkelers, alive with a kaleidoscope of marine life. Check out the best places to snorkel in the BVI here.
  • Kayak and Paddleboard around the Island: For a serene exploration, kayaking or paddleboarding around Norman Island offers a unique perspective of its secluded coves and beaches. It’s a quiet way to connect with the island’s serene beauty.

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