For the best snorkeling and pizza on the water, don't miss Christmas Cove, Great St. James Island, USVI.

Christmas Cove, US Virgin Islands

For the best snorkeling and pizza on the water, don't miss Christmas Cove, Great St. James Island, USVI.

Matt and Britney Weidert

Matt Weidert

Christmas Cove in the USVI emerges as a quintessential destination for yacht charter enthusiasts seeking a blend of adventure, relaxation, and culinary delight directly accessible from the sea.

Why Christmas Cove?

Christmas Cove on Great St. James Island epitomizes the idyllic Caribbean anchorage, offering visitors a unique blend of natural beauty, aquatic adventure, and the convenience of delightful dining on the water. Whether you're snorkeling in its clear waters, enjoying a gourmet pizza on your yacht, or simply relaxing as the sun sets, Christmas Cove is a destination that promises memorable moments for yacht charter guests navigating the US Virgin Islands​. Check out our visit to this destination on our last charter trip to the USVI.

Where is Christmas Cove in the USVI?

Nestled within the US Virgin Islands, Christmas Cove is situated on Great St. James Island, a stone's throw away from St. Thomas. The cove is easily accessible for yachts and boats, making it a popular stop for those exploring the area's vibrant marine life and seeking a tranquil anchorage. It's renowned for its excellent snorkeling conditions, protected by environmental preservation efforts, which ensure the area remains pristine and teeming with sea life.

When including Christmas Cove in your sailing itinerary, remember to check the availability of mooring balls as the area is popular and can get busy, especially during peak season. While the cove is a bit deep for anchoring, with a coral bottom, the mooring field provides a secure spot for overnight stays or day visits. Always ensure to respect the marine environment by following local guidelines and regulations to help preserve the area's natural beauty.
The sunset over the mooring field on our recent trip

What to do at Christmas Cove in the US Virgin Islands

  • Snorkeling Paradise: The waters around Christmas Cove are clear and calm, making it an excellent spot for snorkeling. The area is a protected marine environment, where you can observe a variety of fish and possibly sea turtles in their natural habitat.
  • Culinary Delight at Sea: Unique to Christmas Cove is Pizza Pi, the famous floating pizza boat. Offering a variety of gourmet pizzas, it provides a novel dining experience that has become a must-try for visitors. Anchoring in Christmas Cove and ordering a hot pizza to enjoy on your yacht is an experience like no other.
  • Spectacular Sunsets: The cove offers unparalleled sunset views over the cayos to the west, creating the perfect backdrop for an evening at anchor. Enjoying a sundowner on deck as the sky transitions through a palette of colors is a peaceful way to end a day in paradise.

US Virgin Islands charter planning?

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