Explore Dickenson Bay in Antigua - a busy bay with great anchoring, water sports, and dining options. Enjoy the Kon Tiki floating bar and scenic views.

Dickenson Bay, Antigua and Barbuda

Explore Dickenson Bay in Antigua - a busy bay with great anchoring, water sports, and dining options. Enjoy the Kon Tiki floating bar and scenic views.

Matt and Britney Weidert

Matt Weidert

Dickenson Bay, located on the northwestern coast of Antigua, is one of the island's most developed and popular beaches. Known for its stunning white sand, clear waters, and vibrant atmosphere, it offers a variety of activities and amenities that make it a favorite destination for both tourists and locals.

Where is Dickenson Bay located?

Dickenson Bay is situated near St. John's, the capital of Antigua, making it easily accessible for visitors. It is close to several major resorts, including the well-known Sandals Grande Antigua Resort, contributing to its bustling environment.

Boating and Anchoring at Dickenson Bay

Dickenson Bay provides a large, open anchorage suitable for a variety of boats. The bay's spaciousness allows for easy anchoring, but it can be exposed to northerly swells. In such conditions, it's advisable to anchor closer to the north side of the bay for better protection.
  • Anchorage: Ample space for boats, with good holding in sandy bottoms.
  • Exposure: Can be exposed to northerly swells; anchor to the north if these conditions are present.

Sunset at Dickenson Bay

What to do at Dickenson Bay

  • Kon Tiki Floating Bar: One of the unique attractions in Dickenson Bay is the Kon Tiki floating bar. Accessible by dinghy, this bar offers a unique experience where visitors can enjoy drinks and the beautiful surroundings right on the water.
  • Beaches and Water Sports: The bay is lined with several resorts and restaurants, offering a range of water sports facilities. Activities such as jet skiing, paddleboarding, and snorkeling are popular among visitors. The beach is perfect for sunbathing and swimming, with shallow, calm waters that are safe for children.
  • Bars and Restaurants: Dickenson Bay boasts numerous bars and restaurants, providing a variety of dining options. Tony's Beach Bar is a notable spot where visitors can access the shore and enjoy local cuisine and drinks.

Points of Interest

  • Proximity to Barbuda: Dickenson Bay serves as a good jumping-off point for passages to or from Barbuda, making it a strategic location for sailors planning to explore more of the region.
  • Scenic Views and Wildlife: The bay is not just about luxury and activities; it also offers scenic views and opportunities to spot wildlife, including numerous turtles that frequent the area.
Beach at Dickenson Bay


Dickenson Bay in Antigua is a vibrant and lively destination, offering a mix of relaxation and adventure. From the unique experience of the Kon Tiki floating bar to the various water sports and dining options, there is something for everyone. Despite occasional nuisances like jet ski traffic, the bay remains a must-visit for its beautiful beach, strategic location, and wide range of activities.
  • Anchorage: Large open space, good holding, and protection to the north.
  • Activities: Floating bar, water sports, dining, and exploring the scenic surroundings.
  • Wildlife: Frequent turtle sightings and abundant marine life.
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