Explore Deep Bay in Antigua - snorkel the Andes wreck, hike to Fort Barrington, and enjoy a tranquil anchorage near Jolly Harbour.

Deep Bay, Antigua and Barbuda

Explore Deep Bay in Antigua - snorkel the Andes wreck, hike to Fort Barrington, and enjoy a tranquil anchorage near Jolly Harbour.

Matt and Britney Weidert

Matt Weidert

Deep Bay, located on the west coast of Antigua near St. John's, is a picturesque and historical anchorage known for its clear waters, snorkeling opportunities, and historical sites. It’s a great first or last night anchorage for those chartering from Jolly Harbour due to its proximity.

Where is Deep Bay located?

Deep Bay is situated a short distance from St. John's and Jolly Harbour, making it easily accessible by boat. The bay is well-protected and offers calm, clear waters ideal for anchoring and various activities.
Deep Bay, Antigua

Boating and Anchoring at Deep Bay

Deep Bay offers good holding in shallow waters, making it a popular anchorage spot. The bay’s calm conditions are perfect for relaxing and enjoying the natural beauty of Antigua.
  • Anchorage: The bay provides excellent holding in 10-15 feet of water with sandy bottoms. The calm waters are ideal for anchoring overnight.
  • Access: The bay is easily navigable, and its proximity to Jolly Harbour makes it a convenient stop for sailors.

What to do at Deep Bay

  • Snorkeling the Andes Wreck: One of the main attractions in Deep Bay is the wreck of the "Andes," a barque that sank in 1905 while carrying a cargo of pitch. The wreck is mostly submerged but can be seen protruding from the water. It lies in about 25 feet of water, making it accessible for snorkelers. The wreck is encrusted with corals and is home to various marine life, including fish and sea turtles. Snorkeling here provides a fascinating glimpse into Antigua’s underwater history​.
  • Exploring Fort Barrington: Overlooking Deep Bay is Fort Barrington, an 18th-century fort named after Admiral Barrington. The fort was strategically important for defending St. John's Harbour. The hike up to Fort Barrington is rewarding, offering stunning views of Deep Bay and the surrounding area. The fort itself includes remains of the gun emplacements and powder magazine, providing a glimpse into the island's military past​.
  • Wildlife Viewing: Deep Bay is known for its abundant marine life. Turtles are frequently seen swimming in the bay, making it a great spot for wildlife enthusiasts.
Beach at Deep Bay


Deep Bay in Antigua offers a perfect blend of historical exploration and natural beauty. With its excellent snorkeling at the Andes wreck, the fascinating Fort Barrington, and the abundant marine life, it is a must-visit spot for sailors and adventurers.
  • Anchorage: Good holding in 10-15 feet of water.
  • Activities: Snorkeling the Andes wreck, hiking to Fort Barrington, and wildlife viewing.
  • Proximity: Ideal for a first or last night anchorage when chartering from Jolly Harbour.
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