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Bars & Restaurants Closed for 2023 BVI Hurricane Season

2022 BVI bars and restaurants closed for hurricane season

📸 source: Saba Rock

Many popular British Virgin Island establishments close for BVI hurricane season as many yacht charter crews wait out potential weather disruptions. It also serves as a welcomed break for some employees. The BVI hurricane season, where tourism slows down, peaks in August and September.

Most businesses will be back open by middle to late October, as the greatest threat of hurricane season in the BVIs has passed.

Here’s a list of some bars and restaurants that will be closed for the 2023 BVI hurricane season. We also include a list of those not planning to close. The Yacht Warriors will continue to update this list as we hear back from more businesses.

Businesses not planning to close

  • Soggy Dollar Bar
  • Blunder Bay, North Sound Bistro
  • Anegada Beach Club
  • Ivan’s Stress Free Bar
  • B-Line
  • Scrub Island

BVI closure and re-opening dates

North Sound & Virgin Gorda

  • Saba Rock: closed August 13th; re-opening October 14th
  • Bitter End Yacht Club: planning to re-open October 21st
  • Nova at Oil Nut Bay: closed August 25th, re-opening October 6th
  • Leverick Bay: while the upstairs restaurant is closing July 18th (re-opening October 30th) , Jumbie’s is expected to remain open


  • Brandywine Estate: closed August and September
  • Quito’s: closed August 12; re-opening October 15th
  • Indigo Beach House (always closed Mondays): closing August 20th

Other BVI Islands

  • Cooper Island Beach Club: closed August 7; re-opening October 20th
  • Pirate’s Bight at Norman Island: closing the big restaurant July 31st; expecting to re-open on October 1st. The smaller restaurant is expected to be open until August 14th with a lighter lunch menu.
  • Wonky Dog: closing August 16th; re-opening October 1st
  • Foxy’s: closing September 3rd; re-opening October 4th
  • Foxy’s Taboo:  closing August 11th until the rebuild is finished
  • Hendo’s Hideout: closed September 3rd; re-opening mid October

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